We aim to connect with you, our patient, on a deeper level - to make you feel special, listened to, and cared for. This is our goal before we treat any condition. Come in with the burden of an injury and leave with relief and hope.
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Brandon M shares his testimony about how PRIME Physical Therapy helped him recovery from a painful injury.
Brandon M.
"PRIME Physical Therapy literally changed my life thanks to a friend's recommendation. It was slow at first but I spent about six weeks working with them and have been able to work out pain free ever since. I'm back at Athens four days a week, and I can incline bench press with a 105 pound dumbbell in each hand with no pain.
I had pain bench pressing as long as I can remember but not anymore. My whole body feels better, my mood is better, and I'm sleeping better. Thank you so much to all the amazing staff at PRIME PT!"
Susie F. shares her testimony how Yoos use cutting edge treatments and treat patients like family.
Susie F.
"Won, Laura, and their team are highly focused on continuing their education and knowledge in the PT field relating to advancements in treatments and technology. This isn’t a ‘nice to have’ — it’s a ‘must have’ and an expectation for anyone on their staff.
Their desire to be on the cutting edge is visible with their patients and how they treat their patients. I feel that PRIME PT isn’t just a job or business for Won and Laura; it is a passion for them and it shows! Won, Laura, and their entire staff are committed to and passionate about how they treat patients, how they develop relationships with them, and how they work to ensure the best possible long term results.
I believe their philosophy and cornerstone of their care is not only focusing on rehabilitating from an injury but also treating the whole body to ensure best possible outcomes and reduce the potential for re-injury."
Matt C. shares his testimony how PRIME Physical Therapy's extensive knowledge in their field and how he recovered from an injury.
Matt C.
"I chose PRIME Physical Therapy after undergoing surgery for a torn hip labrum. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Dr. Jon means business, and I mean that in a good way. I had known that they understand CrossFit here, as many athletes I know go there and have had great results.
However, I did not know the extent of their knowledge until I got started. I love that my recovery is centered around my goals to return to CrossFit and to run again. And I love that there’s a detailed focus on proper form.
Dr. Jon has helped me to improve issues with my form that have been there for years. It motivates me and gives me confidence. I’m optimistic that I can be back at CrossFit and working hard by the end of the year."
Matt's blog | www.dropindiary.com

Meet Anjuli Bhat-Mejia, champion powerlifter.

"PRIME physical therapy...

...made sure they were there every step of the way to treat my overworked muscles, trigger points, tight muscles, and/or injury. Due to this, I did not miss a single training session. They go beyond the traditional physical therapy, using dry needling techniques and the latest equipment to help with any muscular tension helping me recover better. I loved the fact that I was able to bounce ideas and techniques regarding my lifts to help me train smarter and better. I'm planning to compete again next year knowing that PRIME has my back! Thank you PRIME team!”
Champion powerlifter Anjuli Bhat-Mejia performs a move at a CrossFit competition while a spotter assists. Chamption powerlifter and PRIME Physical Therapy regular Anjuli Bhat-Mejia and Dr. Laura Yoo share a laugh.
Danielle R.
"Dr. Won and Dr. Jon are amazing! I experienced headaches almost daily that would turn into migraines. I had been to many other physical therapists and tried other remedies. Nothing worked, and I didn't get any better, and I did not want to rely on headache medicine. I was so frustrated and miserable until I walked through the doors of PRIME Physical Therapy.
They were able to find the root cause of the issues and they explained it to me in an easy to understand way. They also taught me preventative measures. Now, I just go in for maintenance and do not suffer from almost daily headaches for the first time in FOUR YEARS!
I cannot recommend them enough! They treat you like family and are really willing to help you. Thank you all so much, you have made a HUGE difference in my life! They also worked with my very (unfortunately) difficult insurance, and I sincerely appreciate that!"
Emily S.
"I have horrible plantar fasciitis and have a lot of trouble walking. I have tried everything from cortisone shots to physical therapy to wearing boots, orthotics, ice...etc. I was at my wit's end. But then I was referred to PRIME Physical Therapy. The dry needling, massage, and exercises worked!
Also, I have been so happy with the staff as they are so accommodating and knowledgable. Dr. Won and Dr. Jon are absolutely amazing. They offer a holistic view to healing and make me feel like I am the most important patient they have. Thank you PRIME Physical Therapy!"


Amanda C. shares her testimony how PRIME Physical Therapy changed her life through physical therapy treatments and fitness class.Amanda C. and Dr. Laura Yoo exercise together during PRIME Physical Therapy's fitness class.Amanda C.'s says that PRIME Physical Therapy has become part of her lifestyle after losing 100+ pounds.

"PRIME has become part of my lifestyle."

"I had back pain for as long as I could remember. With the help of dry needling, cupping, massage, and exercises/stretches at PRIME, my back started to feel amazing! I was able to lift heavier weights without the pinching pain during workouts. I have had the opportunity to see all the physical therapists at PRIME and each one takes the time to educate me on what they are doing and why. All four physical therapists are personable, knowledgeable, and all-around amazing people.
I joined Dr. Laura for early morning group training four days a week over a year ago which led to my journey of losing 100+ pounds. I have the amazing opportunity to work out with a small group of individuals who have become great friends. PRIME has become part of my lifestyle. I feel like I am part of the PRIME family and look forward to the growth of this amazing practice."

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