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Christine P., Halethorpe

I injured my upper back from running, and I couldn't turn my head. My first visit with Laura was amazing! I found her to be extremely friendly and comforting (even though I was in extreme pain!) In a few short sessions she healed my injury using manipulation, dry needle, electrical stimulation, and warm compresses. She also taught me exercises that I could use at home daily to help my flexibility in my neck, head, and upper back. 

Laura helped me figure out that my pillows were too high for me because I sleep on my back. She even gave me a few flat pillows since I couldn't find them in stores anywhere. I enjoyed my sessions with Laura so much that even after she helped fix my upper back injury, I continued my sessions with Laura so she could also help me heal a sprained ankle. 

Laura is a wonderful therapist. I know that after one session with her, you'll be hooked, just as I was! 

Kim S., Eldersburg

I came to Laura for help because I was experiencing shoulder pain so severe that it made me nauseous and limited any shoulder movement whatsoever. After working with her for 5 sessions, I was 90% better! I returned to CrossFit and am now able to sleep again without pain.

Brent C., Baltimore

Our 15-year-old daughter, Ella, had ongoing pain in her shoulder. From the first session and through the whole process, Won was absolutely amazing. He was so positive and knowledgeable and explained everything to Ella while treating her. He showed her diagrams from medical books explaining exactly what was happening, why there was the pain, and what she needed to do to correct it.  Won motivated her to work hard on her own and do exercises at home. He showed great care for Ella's injury and helping her get better.


Ella started by seeing an orthopedic surgeon. After an office visit, x-rays, and a large bill, they could not pinpoint what was wrong. I realized we should have started with Won and are very grateful we found him

Terri P., Columbia

I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) which causes my joints to sublux or dislocate on a daily basis. I went to Laura for physical therapy.  No other physical therapist has been able to break up the knots in my muscles like Laura did.  She performed dry needling on my muscles, and it felt amazing.  She worked on my jaw muscles and not only did it help me to chew without so much pain, but it also stopped me from biting the inside of my mouth so much.  Overall, I was able to do more around the house because of Laura.  Her treatment helped improve my balance and decreased my pain level.  She greatly improved my quality of life.  Thank you! 

Jin J., Silver Spring

After playing basketball the night before, I woke up with neck and shoulder pain which prevented me from turning my head.  The neck pain continued for two weeks so I went to Dr. Won for help.  He observed the area that I was having issues with and did some manipulation which felt really good.  My pain disappeared within 10 minutes which allowed me to move my neck freely again.  I can’t say enough about how thankful I am to have Dr. Won as my physical therapist.  He has not only seen to it that my neck issue has cleared up but has successfully treated other problem areas as well.  Thank you, Dr. Won!

David L., Fairfax

Dr. Won Yoo is an incredible physical therapist. I went to him for an injury to my upper back. He diagnosed my issue almost right away, and was very thorough in explaining exactly what was going on with my muscles, and also which other body parts and movements were being impacted. I had no idea how many things were connected to that one injury. It isn't intuitive, and having an expert walk me through it was valuable.


He not only told me what was going on with the injury, but mapped out a specialized treatment plan, which helped my body become whole. I appreciated how very thorough he was, how patient he was with all of my questions, and his calm and caring demeanor. I wish everyone in this field could be as detail-oriented and attentive to their patients as he is. I would highly recommend him. Thank you, Dr. Won!

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